Never before has there been such a revolutionary product like eFusion, combined with the power of online social media, to create an unparalleled opportunity for YOU.

  • The Most Powerful Natural Energy Drink Around
  • Packed With Antioxidants – Energy With No Crash
  • World’s First Energy Drink That Pays You To Share It
  • Tap Into This $9 Billion Industry -  100% Online
  • An Industry-First e Fusjon Matrix Pay Plan

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Learn about zero point energy products like the Amega wand. Amega Global is pioneering the self-care revolution.

A Breakthrough In Healthy Energy

With eFusion you don’t have to compromise your health to get the boost in energy you want. In fact, now you can compliment your health. What makes e Fusjon so different?

  • Sustained Energy Without The Crash
  • Loaded with Antioxidants and Vital Nutrients
  • Unmatched Taste Without Added Sugars
  • Get Healthy While Getting Energized
  • An Industry-First Product That People Want

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Four Incredible eFusjon Energy Drinks

Harnessing the power of nutrient-rich ingredients like Acai, Mangosteen and Quercetin, eFusjon energy drinks provide you with sustained energy, and a wide range of health benefits. Click a can above to view more.
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Energy + Health = Opportunity

Instead of eFusjon paying millions of dollars in advertising, they would rather pay you that money. You will probably already tell others about eFusjon, why not get paid for it?

  • Red Bull Spent $900 Million in Advertising Last Year
  • eFusjon Gives This Money Directly to Club Members
  • Income Records Are Being Shattered in the U.S.
  • You Could Earn Up To $655,000 Per Month
  • Simple Plan Only Requires That You Find 3 People

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How The eFusjon Club Works

Get Energized. Get Healthy. Get Paid For It. eFusion works similar to a wine club where you get paid simply for sharing this amazing product with others.

  • Purchase e Fusjon at Low Wholesale Prices
  • Get Paid on the Efforts of Everyone in your Club
  • Earn Income From People You Didn’t Even Enroll
  • Win Cars, Cruises, Trips and Other Bonuses
  • Low Start-Up Cost. Easy To Build. 100% Online.

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The FullFusjon Marketing System

Never before has there been such a simple and effective way of building your eFusjon business – 100% online! The Full Fusjon marketing system takes care of everything for you. You don’t have to build or maintain your own eFusion site, we do that for you, giving you this exact same website for FREE!

  • Automatically does the selling and signing up for you
  • The same system is replicated to everyone that joins
  • Builds your matrix for you for free during pre-launch
  • Simple to use – No online expertise required

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Full Fusjon Team: Your Guide To Success

Team FullFusjon, led by successful entrepreneurs and seasoned online marketer, provides you with unparalleled support, tools and resources, to help propel you to success as quickly as possible. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive when you join our team:

  • FREE turn-key marketing website, exactly like the one you are viewing
  • A proven online success system that is simple to use & highly replicatable
  • Experience from a team leader who has made over $1.5 million in this industry
  • One of the fastest growing eFusion teams gives you maximum spillover volume
  • Receive new members from the team through our “Pay It Forward” plan.